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The new image is based on the new concept. Sina begins to put the diversified needs and user experience of netizens on a prior position and considers it as the core of development. So Dongdao design gives a twinkling expression to the new big eye. It is full of curiousness, longing and attention to the world. It implies that netizens can know and apperceive the world better through the platform of Sina. Besides, the big eye looks like a microphone,implying that Sina provide the netizens a platform to enlarge their force to influence the world.

Two small adjustments present a better image of Sina as a media and individual platform for common people. The slogan "You are the one", especially "you", is emphasized in the new combination, which show the respect and sincere invitation from Sina to the netizens.


Uploaded on June 11, 2010
Last updated on June 11, 2010

SINA Corporation
China P.R.
Dongdao Design

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SINA Corporation is the largest Chinese-language infotainment web portal. It is run by SINA Corporation (新浪) which was founded in 1999. The company was founded in Mainland China, and its global financial headquarters have been based in Shanghai since October 1, 2001.