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According to Lippincott's Connie Birdsall, initial design of MFS investment management identity work retained an initials-based mark, focusing more on a clearer, more coherent visual system than on the logo itself. But "Building Better Insights" called for more aggressive, expressive ideas. The boldest of them, a three-toned rendering of a jaggedly abstract sculptural form, not only survived early screenings; in every presentation it won over doubters and gained enthusiasts. "The symbol says so many things that ring true for us" said Pohl; "Like our portfolios it ties many pieces together. Its intersections suggest the collaboration which is in our DNA. We love its angularity and its energy." The team also loved the retention, indeed enrichment, of the deep red heritage color. Though there was some trepidation, "if we're going to change at all, we figured, let's change with real impact." The decision was nailed, perhaps, when the symbol got a name -- "the infinite M." "We had not set out to design a monogram" said Birdsall "but when an M was seen we were pleased."

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MFS Investment Management
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MFS Investment Management

MFS Investment Management (MFS) is an American-based global asset manager, formerly known as Massachusetts Financial Services. It is owned by Sun Life Financial of Canada, with subsidiary headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and offices worldwide. MFS was founded in 1924 and is one of the oldest asset management companies in the world. It is credited with pioneering the mutual fund.