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The latest DIADORA logo looks clean and modern with the yellow "Flying fish" — all in caps in a blocky font with their logo detail to the left of the word.

Uploaded on May 24, 2010
Last updated on May 24, 2010

Diadora SpA

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Diadora SpA

The birth and growth of DIADORA is closely related with the history of Italy. MARCELLO DANEL founder of the home is the time in Italy during World War I army depot footwear, shoe-making technology after the war here will be preserved and developed. DANIELI inherited the tradition of home-made shoe technology and innovation, and finally in 1948 to establish in their own brand-DIADORA. .

Helped by his wife, Danieli managed to successfully launch his first product, mountain climbing boots. During the 1950s, a reputation for excellence and quality helped the company grow and become a familiar name throughout the Italian market.

Diadora is the Latin name for the city of Zadar, Croatia.