Free Vector Icon Set 1 – Containing 25 Icons Vector Download

Free Vector Icon Set 1 - Containing 25 Icons vector


The first part of the set contains 25 scalable Illustrator format icons. I hope you like them =) There will be more coming.

You can open the .ai file with any version of Illustrator above 8.0. With earlier versions, you might loose some of the effects on the icons.

You liked them? A thank you will be just enough. But if you're really nice, visit my site at and buy me a coffee latte by donating $3 usd(cost of a mid size latte at starbucks) =)

Disclaimer & Conditions: Redistribution, Release for Download or Selling of these icons on an another site without permission is completely prohibited. Drop me an e-mail if you would like to publish the icons for download on an another site.

You're though completely free to edit, change and/or directly use the icons in your site and in any kind of your projects.

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