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In 2005, Unilever decided to change their logo to represent their new theme of vitality. The new logo was also planned to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the company. The new logo tells the story of Unilever and vitality. It brings together 25 different icons representing Unilever and its brands, the idea of vitality and the benefits Unilever brings to consumers.

Unilever Logo - Design and History

Wolff Olins helped Unilever change, from an invisible owner of brands to a much more visible business, leading its brands through a single idea: ‘adding vitality to life'. We created a visual identity that expresses ‘vitality' and that is starting to appear on every Unilever product. Under this banner, we also worked on dozens of projects to put vitality at the heart of the organisation - from designing workplaces to transforming the recruitment process to training employees how to pass on the stories that underlie the idea. And we've helped Unilever invent new products and projects that deliver vitality.


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Unilever is an Anglo-Dutch multinational corporation that owns many of the world's consumer product brands in foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Unilever is a dual-listed company consisting of Unilever N.V. in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Unilever PLC in London, United Kingdom. This arrangement is similar to those of Reed Elsevier and Royal Dutch Shell prior to their unified structures. Both Unilever companies have the same directors and effectively operate as a single business. The current non-executive Chairman of Unilever N.V. and PLC is Michael Treschow while Paul Polman is Group Chief Executive.