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In 2010 Mikhail Arzhaev, representing new investors (and with a personal background in media) set out to reposition and rebrand the company. He found guidance at Identityworks.com, and sought advice; Identityworks.com then proposed to team with designers Jerry Kuyper and Bob Wolf, working in tandem, and Arzhaev invited Identityworks's help.

The positioning goal was to raise the Texenergo brand to global brand equivalency, in terms of expected quality and professionalism. Texenergo felt strongly that to Russian audiences, the use of Latin letterforms (rather than Cyrillic) would help to communicate this promise. How, then, could Texenergo prevent English-speakers from assuming an oil industry or textiles connection? The solution: incorporate the universal symbol of electric power, a lightning bolt, in design of the name itself. The resulting "X-bolt" places Texenergo immediately, unambiguously into the electricity arena. Team looked at a range of symbol ideas, too, but this wordmark-centered solution was clearly superior for its unique, direct impact and visual efficiency. Team then added orange, a visual-system anchor that could be owned in the category.


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Texenergo Russia
Bob Wolf & Jerry Kuyper

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Texenergo Russia

Founded in 1989, Texenergo is the distributor of electric equipment (like switches and control systems) to Russian industrial and construction markets. Texenergo represents such global brands as Schneider Electric, ABB and GE, and with its private label line it also competes with them.