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The elements of the new logo are choreographed as if on a stage: A vibrant snapshot of an energized performance. The letters are orchestrated to suggest the dynamic nature of the ballet art form, while highlighting the dramatic production lighting and shadows created onstage through the use of a sophisticated gray color palette.

MetaDesign’s inspiration for meeting this challenge came from visual research on classical and contemporary representations of dance and movement in musical notation and expressive typography. Drawing on these influences, MetaDesign created a logotype whose letters are choreographed and dynamic like dancers on a stage, elegantly enacting the kinetics of ballet.

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Uploaded on December 29, 2011
Last updated on December 29, 2011

SFB | San Francisco Ballet
United States

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SFB | San Francisco Ballet

The San Francisco Ballet (SFB) is a ballet company, founded in 1933 as the San Francisco Opera Ballet. The company is currently based in the War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco, under the direction of Helgi Tomasson. SFB is the first professional ballet company in the United States. It is among the world's leading dance companies.