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Schibsted renews its logo and uses the name Schibsted Media Group. - Schibsted has gone from being a Norwegian media company to an international media group with activities in several parts of the world. It provides a need for a clearer profile that tells who we are and what we stand for, says Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

Schibsted has a long and proud history that unites tradition and innovation. Studies have shown that there was no longer match between the former Schibsted logo and the modern media group Schibsted. Thus was initiated a project to develop a new logo. It has been very good test results and associated with words such as international, modern and progressive.

Schibsted's new logo and visual identity underlines the Group's business strategy that focuses on the two pillars of media and online classifieds business. If we become easier to understand, we are easier to choose - both to investors and recruitment, says Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

The new logo is designed by internal forces in the Schibsted Group, led by chief designer Anna Thurfjell in Svenska Dagbladet.

We have chosen to proceed in this way to ensure that our own culture characterizes the new logo. Internally, the Group possesses Schibsted lot of good skills and strong editorial traditions that we have had much use of the trademark of our work. I am very proud, says Ryssdal.


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Schibsted Group
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Schibsted Group

Schibsted is a Norwegian media conglomerate with operations in 20 countries, the most important being Norway and Sweden. The company has its headquarters in Oslo, Norway and is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange.