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In 1994, when BSN changed its name to Groupe Danone, adopting the name of the group's best-known international brand, Danone unveiled the new logo designed by Young&Rubicam's Landor agency in San Francisco, for reasons of confidentiality. This shows a young boy looking up at a star. The boy evokes the care parents take of their children and their concern with feeding themproperly. Astar has positive connotations in all cultures, with associations including hope, quality, luck and universality. It is also a symbol of guidance for navigation and in setting a course for life -we all followour own star. Not to forget a more personal theme - the boy also represents Daniel Carasso, the little boy his father called by the affectionate nickname "Danon".

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Groupe Danone
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Groupe Danone

Groupe Danone, known as Dannon in the United States, is a French food-products multinational corporation based in Paris. It claims world leadership in fresh dairy products, marketed under the corporate name, and also in bottled water. In 2007 it swapped its world number 2 position as producer of cereals and biscuits for the same position in baby foods, having sold the biscuits division to Kraft Foods and acquired Numico.