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UAE telecom operator Etisalat launched a new customer-centric identity on May 24, 2006. The launch signals the first major overhaul in its 30-year history, and the new corporate image will position Etisalat as the new global player in the telecom industry.

The new identity reflects Etisalat's values of transparency, optimism, openness, simplicity and reliability. The green colour in the logo signifies life, growth and renewal. Green is the national colour of the UAE, and Etisalat has a long and close association with its home nation- the UAE.

Etisalat's new logo shows 'openness and reliability'


Uploaded on March 31, 2011
Last updated on January 19, 2012

Emirates Telecommunications Corporation
United Arab Emirates

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Emirates Telecommunications Corporation

Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, branded trade name Etisalat (Arabic: إتصالات‎ Ittiṣālāt, literally, Communications) is a UAE based telecommunications services provider, currently operating in 18 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Etisalat is one of the Internet hubs in the Middle East (AS8966), providing connectivity to other telecommunications operators in the region.