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The ARNOTT's logo is a colourful parrot, believed to have been drawn by the founder of the company, William Arnott's daughter-in-law, Leslie Arnott. It was registered as a trademark in 1907.

In 1964, in order to meet growing production demands and defend against foreign interests, namely the US company Nabisco, a number of Australian biscuit-makers amalgamate to form the Australian Biscuit Company Pty Ltd. The name is later changed to Arnott's Biscuits Pry Ltd, and today is Arnott's Biscuits Limited.

The logo was officially updated in 2008.


Uploaded on January 20, 2012
Last updated on January 20, 2012

Arnott's Biscuits Holdings
Leslie Arnott
1907 / 1964

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Arnott's Biscuits Holdings

Arnott's Biscuits Holdings (commonly known as Arnott's), is a subsidiary of the Campbell Soup Company of the United States. In Australia Arnott's is the largest producer of biscuitsn and the second-largest supplier of snack food.