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Under President Kirchner, a team of government and private institutions hammered out an "Estrategia de Marca PaĆ­s," a Nation Branding strategy, and a daunting design challenge: Express a fresh, new presence for Argentina at home and in the world, to better support its people's aspirations for global commerce, culture and national confidence. As a country to live in, it should celebrate Argentina's authenticity, passion, expressiveness and warmth. As a county to work in and do business with, it should support innovation, professionalism and knowledge.

The new mark is an abstraction, yet it's "national ribbons" evoke a waving banner. According to Guillermo Brea they can mean many things... cycles of history, telecommunications waves, even the sensual dynamics of (yes) tango, but the larger idea is "from diversity, strength and unity." And clearly, it is more than a mark; it is a system, a joyful visual presence, a gestalt.


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government of Argentina

The government of Argentina, functioning within the framework of a federal system, is a presidential representative democratic republic. The President of Argentina is both head of state and head of government. Executive power is exercised by the President. Legislative power is vested in both the Executive and the National Congress. The Judiciary is independent from the Executive and from the Legislature.